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Happiness Planting

Happiness Planting is a precious aspect of Happy Science as part of our spiritual growth.

It is the act of offering a financial donation that supports our activities and contributes to the happiness of others.


It is not the amount that matters, but it is our attitude, purity of the heart, and the feeling of gratitude that we express when making the offering.

It does not necessarily have to be in a form of money, you can also offer your time, your talents, your experience, or places where activities can be held. You can plant seeds of happiness for the next generation, and practice “love that gives without expecting anything in return.” By regularly practicing happiness planting, not only do you contribute to creating more prosperity in this world, but store spiritual wealth and virtue for when you return back to Heaven. Let us all aim to become angels of wealth, and place steady efforts in making our ideals into reality.

For those who want to become a member, 
Please donate $10 

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