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Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science

Hello everyone!

Happy Science is a world religion founded by Master Ryuho Okawa in 1986. Our aim is to help people be happier based on the true view of life.

Human beings are spiritual beings. We are a soul residing in a physical body. The center of it is our mind. We reincarnate many times between this world and the other world, gaining different life experiences, and growing infinitely as an individual soul.

All About Our Faith, El Cantare

Our Faith, El Cantare
At Happy Science, we believe that the Creator has a name, and that name is El Cantare.
The name “El Cantare” means “The Light of the Earth.”

El Cantare is, therefore, the Supreme God of the Earth, who exists beyond gods of all nations and is the very Mercy which has nourished human beings from the beginning of Creation.
To believe in El Cantare means to believe that all people are created equal as children of God and promised to be happier and happier. It is to believe that El Cantare is the improvement of the human race and destination of the people in the world.

El Cantare

The Spiritual View of Life
Human beings were born into this world from Heaven. We are a soul that has been given eternal life and the opportunity to grow through experiencing many lifetimes. Since we all have to leave this physical world when we die, our pursuit of happiness must be a happiness that carries over from this world to the other.

Exploration of the Right Mind
There are laws for becoming happier, and laws for becoming unhappier. Exploring the right mind means to seek and practice the principles of happiness. The four principles are love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress.

Four-fold Path↓

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Become a member of Happy Science

At Happy Science, you can become a member to receive the basic sutra (prayer book) and explore the teachings, or skip straight to becoming a devotee. A devotee pledges devotion to the Three Treasures – Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

Buddha Master Ryuho Okawa, Living Buddha and Savior, and the only One who can teach the Laws of El Cantare

Dharma The teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, who is Lord El Cantare

Sangha  : Happy Science which practices and protects the teachings of El Cantare


What happens when you become a member of Happy Science?

When you join, your guardian spirits that was sleeping will awaken.

When you become a member, your past sins will become lighter

When you become a member, your heart of self-reflection, gratitude and progress will become stronger

When you become a member, you can become a one of disciples of Modern Buddha and learn the truth!

Join Happy Science!

After sending this form and donate $10 on the Donation page, You can become a member! 
​※Please let us know through upper your comment field if you have difficulties to donate online.
You will get the sutra “The True Words Spoken By Buddha” and sutra including "Prayer to the Lord" and "Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits" which can protect you from any evil spirits and bring peace of mind and hidden truth to you!

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