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Language learning with an emphasis on practicality while learning about Japanese culture


We want to deepen your love for Japan through inexpensive, high-quality, online-only education in Japanese...


A cute design using the traditional Japanese Choju Jinbutsu Giga (caricatures of frolicking birdsanimals and humans)


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A.Y from Congo

【Voice from Customer】

His teaching style is gentle and easy to understand!

I.K from U.S

【Voice from Customer】

Thanks to my teacher, I was able to smoothly order at a restaurant through video-based role-playing-learning!

J.O from Malaysia

【Voice from Customer】

They taught me not only the language but also a lot about Japanese culture, so I really learned a lot!

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Happy Japanese Class (7)_edited_edited.png

I heard that Japanese is  very difficult language...
I wonder if I can...?

Happy Japanese Class (7)_edited_edited.png

From what 
should I start
studying Japanese?

What kind of Japanese is actually used in Japan?

Three features on Happy Japanese

Most Inexpensive price

The market rate for Japanese online education is about $10+ per half hour, and it costs $40 just to learn for two hours.
However, at Happy Japanese, we have been able to achieve the overwhelmingly low price of $5 for 25 minutes through thorough cost control and the creation of a low-cost, easy-to-learn environment for our customers.

experience-based learning

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you've learned a language but can't find the phrase when you really need?
One of our courses, the Role-Playing Course, allows you to recreate situations exactly as you want them to be and learn more natural Japanese with your senses.

Authentic Japanese Culture Learning

Happy Japanese is more than just language learning. Because one of our corporate philosophies is to help people fall in love with Japanese culture, we provide easy-to-understand explanations of the local Japanese situation and the special aspects of Japanese culture in each class because it is impossible to travel with the current Corona disaster.


Staff Introduction

Hi, this is Kahn. こんにちは!
I’m a teacher of this online class. Of course I’m a native Japanese speaker. I have been doing volunteer work through Japanese speech contests, Japanese summer camp, and online lessons since I was a university student. These online lessons are aimed for mastering Practical Japanese. Through these 5 lessons you will learn Japanese language and behavior. 
If you master it, you can enjoy traveling or working in Japan like a native speaker.


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